Edit PDF Documents in Ubuntu


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Have you ever wondered how to edit a PDF file? Which tool to use? Is there any free yet reliable tool available out there? Well the good news is that, if you’re using Ubuntu, there is at least one free app you will find in the Software Center for almost all the common work that you may come across. This time it’s an extension to LibreOffice, the default office suite in Ubuntu.

LibreOffice is a very powerful and feature-rich office suite, a complete alternate solution to the proprietary and non-free office suite available from Microsoft. It has some handful of extensions which are easily installable from the Ubuntu Software Center.
Edit PDF in LibreOffice, Ubuntu
One such extension is libreoffice-pdfimport which allows you to import and edit PDF documents in LibreOffice Draw (which is also included in the LibreOffice office suite and come pre-installed by default in Ubuntu).

To install ‘libreoffice-pdfimport’, copy it without the quotes and paste it in the Ubuntu Software Center search box. The next thing is to hit ‘Install’ if you haven’t done that already! Now open any PDF document with LibreOffice Draw which will open it in edit mode. You can save it after making some changes.

Note: This extension is tested and works on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Precise Pangolin with LibreOffice version as I currently have Ubuntu 12.04 installed on my system.

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