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The million dollar question, about 60,000 freshers asking now. Yes, the number of freshers TCS recruited this year is actually higher than the number mentioned above but the number is between 60,000 and 65,000. The Indian IT market scenario this year seems solid after suffering a global recession in the previous two years, so there should be no reason for  panic among the candidates. TCS started the recruitment process in time this year and TCS has already started giving joining to the candidates. TCS has given joining letter to most of the ‘A’ graded colleges and as I have heard, some ‘B’ graded colleges from Southern India have also received the joining letter. All these prove that TCS is in a better position in Indian IT market and the latest news suggests that TCS has topped the Indian IT market this year leaving behind Infosys and Wipro. ‘Operating profit growth for TCS during this period was 16 percent, much faster than 8 percent for Infosys and 10 percent for Wipro'(source: Factiva-The Times of  India/24th May, 2011)

So there is absolutely nothing to worry for the candidates who still haven’t got the Joining letter. It’s only a matter of time now that you get the call from your dream company, and before you get the joining letter you can utilize your time to learn new things, revise your syllabus, do the formalities TCS has asked you to do like registering for NSR and of course the most important thing, chilling out with your friends. Remember, these are the last few days you get before you move to the next stage leaving your student life behind, so enjoy it while you can!

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