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The students who just got into the final year must now all be thinking of how to grab a post in some renowned company by the end of this academic year. Some prefers core jobs and others the glamour world of software. Lets face the reality guys, software jobs are more available in India than any other jobs if you are from electronics or computer science background. So whether like it or not, most of you may have to come to the software world after all. Therefore it’s always a wise decision to prepare for both core and IT jobs, because at the end of the year, none of you are going to be pleased to see your classmates bagging good jobs while you are still hunting for a platform to start with.

Students willing to join the software world have always preferred TCS over others. Well the good news for them is that after recruiting a sweeping 70,000 candidates this year, next year also the run continues. TCS is planning to hire 60,000 candidates including freshers next fiscal year (source The Economics Times). So this gives you a very good chance to strike through the gates of your dream company. All the surveys show that TCS is better positioned in Indian software market than any other firm at the moment. So all you need to do is to prepare for the final shot and give your best when it comes.

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