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I have been on Facebook since the time Facebook wasn’t such a hype across the world and many of you were not even aware(or didn’t bother!) of its existence, thanks to an invitation from a unique(!) friend of mine! Facebook wasn’t always the same, I remember Facebook was quite different(simpler) from how it looks now. It has changed over time, and let me tell you something, the changes have been more or less good so far. But after Google announces its new social networking tool Google plus, Facebook has gone crazy! They have added features which refuses to work (I don’t think they have sufficiently tested those before launching them), they have withdrawn features which were actually great, the list continues. To give Google plus competition, they are actually frustrating people, making it easy for Google! Here are some worst features and recent changes I hate about Facebook.

  1. Facebook has tricked us to the new chat box (which is rubbish actually, you would know if you are a Facebook user) and now they won’t let us revert back to the old one!
  2. The new video chat with Skype, it doesn’t work with Linux (ask Mark if we Linux users are not sophisticated enough to use video chat!) whereas Google plus doesn’t impose any such restriction.
  3. The left sidebar won’t show the extended group list which wasn’t the issue before.
  4. Birthday notifications won’t show up on the homepage due to the new real-time updates (which is great actually, but at the cost of another good feature!) on the right of the homepage.

Before Google plus, I don’t think Facebook users were that frustrated compared to what they are now. Facebook shouldn’t just freak out just because a new technology is there. Only a hype can’t make people move from an older technology to a newer unless some serious shortcoming comes out of it.

What would you like to add to the list? Post your comments.