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I recently encountered a case where I had to install a HP Deskjet 1000 J110 series printer on my friend’s desktop with Ubuntu 10.04 installed. This should have been a cakewalk, because previously I heard HP printers provide very good support for Linux computers especially with Ubuntu, the reason why I suggested him to go for HP. But when I went to install it, everything went fine till the automatic installation finished and I opted for a test print. It won’t just print. It couldn’t detect the ink/marker level of the printer! So I tried another way, installed the HPLIP software, but it also wouldn’t work. Strange problem as I didn’t know the solution and also nothing was wrong with the printer as it worked just fine on an XP computer with the driver installed from the cd provided with the printer. It meant there was something up with the Linux driver.
So after much hard work, I actually found out the problem. The automatically downloaded and installed default HPLIP version(3.10.2) on Lucid did not support the 1000 J110 series. The minimum version of HPLIP to support the J110 series was 3.10.9. So I had to go to the official HPLIP site and downloaded and installed the latest version which was 3.11.5 and bingo! It printed!

Some useful links:

    • To check which HPLIP version your HP printer is compatible with, click here.
    • Be sure not to buy one of these, if you plan them to use on your Ubuntu computer.
    • Download the latest version of HP driver for Linux from this link.

I wasn’t sure in the beginning about the solution and Googling didn’t help much either. So I decided to publish it. I hope this helps you. Happy printing!

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