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So, are IE users stupid? Well I am not saying it, a survey on different Internet browser users revealed that! And I always wondered why those office clerks never move from IE 6 that comes with the Windows XP, like the world of Internet begins with it and ends with it too! AptiQuant, a consulting firm conducted a survey where they collected data from different people on what Internet browser they use and plotted them against their IQ and Internet Explorer users have been found to have lowest of them all! Firefox, Chrome and Safari users scored fairly high and Opera and Camino users were the highest of all.

Well that’s not the entire news! There’s more to come. The IE users have felt very insulted and they are coming after AptiQuant. Some said they are going to file a lawsuit case against them. Who could have thought that! “It’s just a survey guys, move on!” It’s not like they are pointing fingers at someone in particular, it’s just a general result! And do you honestly think that those who use IE are really that smart? If that was so, then after knowing IE is the most vulnerable browser on this planet (yes, it’s not a secret anymore), why would anyone stick with it? (unless you are not smart enough to adapt to a new browser environment or you don’t care, either way you are qualified as a stupid person, congratulation!).

No, you are wrong! I don’t have anything personal against those IE users. But I will definitely share a personal experience (which is worth a humour!). One friend of mine and I once went to the telephone exchange to apply for a broadband connection. And there was sitting a clerk talking to a customer on the telephone and working on a computer with IE. Here’s what we heard (and saw):

Customer: Something something! (we guessed, he told the clerk to check something on Google)

Man: Sorry, I don’t have Google on my computer. I have Yahoo. (yes, Yahoo was set as the homepage on his IE), and then he hung up the phone.

We? We didn’t dare to ask him of the procedures for application!

So, yes. That’s how intelligent are generally the IE users, no offend though! I know I have made quite a band of haters by now (who will not hesitate to throw their keyboards on me!) But still I want you guys and also the people who like this post to add a comment, share their views. Happy and safe browsing!

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