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The question I have been asked many times before. Why use anything other than Windows? Why look for any alternative? Well if you’re asking the questions, then you are at least aware of that there are alternatives to Windows! I will tell you the reasons. But first answer me this: You have two options. You could go every time to the shop, buy food, bring home and then eat, all by yourself or someone could do all that for you and also feed you with a spoon and all that for FREE! Which one would you prefer? If the first option is Windows then the second option is Ubuntu. Yes it might strike you first, sound unbelievable but it’s true. What do you need a computer for? Browsing Internet, playing musics, watching videos, managing your photos, for programming, doing office works, checking emails.. the list continues. What if you can do all those without having to install a single application just out of the box without a single hassle? And the best part is that you don’t need to pay a single penny for that! Now isn’t it interesting? I have listed some of the features the Ubuntu team is offering:

1. Free and Open source: Yes Ubuntu is completely free to download, install, use, modify and distribute. Now the people using pirated Windows might be thinking “yes, we also get our software for free” but probably you didn’t know that some people are working hard to provide you all that for free so that you don’t need to steal, come let’s honour their work! Using original Ubuntu rather than pirated Windows has some immediate benefits.

      • You can get security updates for free (makes your PC more secure and always up to date)
      • You can legally use it for business purpose without having to pay.

2. Freedom from Viruses: Yes, the second important reason for using Ubuntu is that it’s completely virus-proof and doesn’t need an antivirus software at all if you are not too worried about your fellow Windows users! And with the inbuilt strong firewall program, you can now stop worrying about malwares and spywares.

3. Thousands of free apps: The Ubuntu software centre has thousands of apps ready for you to install and use for free so that you don’t need to buy another piece of software from this day and you can customize your computer the way you want.

4. New and different look, easy-to-use interface: Completely new and different look than Windows. Mac users might find things a little familiar but nevertheless it’s still different. It will take a while for you to get used to it but hey, every good thing in life does. After that you will find it the most easy-to-use and hassle free OS you ever worked on.

5. Works on your existing hardware: Ubuntu works perfectly on your existing hardware and with much lower configuration than Windows and is very fast. So no need to buy new hardware. And it also supports a wide range of hardware including your phone, iPod, modem and a lot of other devices just out of the box.

6. Extremely stable and regular release cycle: Ubuntu is very stable, so you don’t need to be afraid of crashes all the time. Ubuntu has a release cycle of 6 months, that means in every 6 months, a new version of Ubuntu gets released. If you are going to use it for your business, they also have got Long Time Support(LTS) version that will receive security updates for three years for free of course.

7. Strong community support and user base: Ubuntu has a very strong community and user support and you can get any help and support for free on Ubuntu Forums.

8. Use it alongside Windows: You can install and use it alongside Windows, Ubuntu will cause absolutely no harm to your Windows installation. And when you’re fully convinced, you can choose it as your primary or only OS.

Hidden Gem: Tech Toys host Ankit Vengurlekar on CNN-IBN called Ubuntu ‘one of the best kept secrets of the world’ extending huge support and positive feedbacks for Ubuntu 11.04.

I have only described a few of the reasons why you should use Ubuntu. Why you should give Ubuntu the well-deserved serious chance this time. Once you get the taste of it, get used to it, I can guarantee you, you will love it.

To explore more of Ubuntu’s features, you can visit their cool website, click here. If you have any query, suggestion or opinion, don’t forget to leave your comment below. If you want any help with Ubuntu, you can go to the Contact me section and write to me.

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