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Another six months have passed and so has there been a new release of Ubuntu. Yes, Ubuntu 11.10  named Oneiric Ocelot has been released this October 13th and I, out of my busy schedule, have taken the time out to write this review on Oneiric. This is the 15th release of Ubuntu.

Ubuntu is a free Linux based operating system that offers a virus-free, secure and user-friendly alternative to Windows and Office. There’s a lot of things that have changed in Oneiric but I will not go into all that technical details. I have listed here a few notable changes that I have liked the most about Oneiric.

  • Appearance and Interface: The default interface is still Unity here and no Gnome UI is provided as a fall back unlike Natty but Unity here is far more polished and use-able. The dash is more transparent and is presented with a more soothing effect. The appearance looks more professional and mature. Clearly Cannonical has spent a lot of time on it. There are people out there who still hates Unity and not ready to make the switch from classic Gnome, but also I know people who have switched from Windows 7 because of Unity. And I still don’t know the reason behind all those controversies over Unity as 15 minutes of your time and you can change your desktop environment to whatever the hell you want. You have been given choices people, that’s the good thing about Linux and Open source. Don’t like it, don’t use it. But that doesn’t give a reason to not like Oneiric.

  • Dash: There has been a lot of work in this area, the new addition is the lenses. You can directly search for applications, files, folders and even musics right from your desktop. Also if an application or music is not on your computer then you can directly download from your desktop search.

    • LightDM Display Manager: The default display manager in Oneiric has been changed to LightDM from GDM in Natty. Cannonical states the reason behind this is that Light DM is faster and it suits more to the theme of Unity.
    • Thunderbird: Finally there has been the good news for us who prefers Thunderbird to Evolution. Yes, Thunderbird is the default mail application in Ubuntu 11.10 and it integrates finely with the messaging menu. Also, Evolution you can download directly from the Ubuntu Software Center. The reason behind the switch to Thunderbird has been stated as user demand and ease of use.


    • Ubuntu Software Center: Another welcome change is the Ubuntu Software Center. The Software Center for Ubuntu has been revamped for Oneiric, giving it a Mac-like makeover with thousands of free apps and also paid applications and still counting.


  • Alt+Tab: The Alt+Tab option has been reworked and finely tuned with the theme. Also while in Alt+Tab, if you press the “`” key (the one just above the Tab key), you can view individual windows.
  • Global Menu: The close, maximise and minimise buttons of a maximised application are hidden under the global menu and are only revealed when you hover your mouse pointer over the global menu.

So that was a quick look at the Oneiric changes. I have been using it as the primary OS from the day of its release and the experience has been quite satisfactory. I definitely recommend it to the readers, give it a try, install it beside your primary OS and if you like it, do use it.

You can also check the nice tour Cannonical has made on Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot, click here or check Ubuntu 11.10 features. There is a nice presentation here made by OMG!Ubuntu! On Ubuntu 11.10. And do check out this nice video presentation on Oneiric. Any comments are welcome.

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