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So finally I am posting again after a long absence in this section. There is only 6 days left in my joining TCS. But before I join, there’s a lot of work left, mainly paperwork. I will briefly go through all of it so you might get a heads up before you actually do it for yourself.

You have to fill up mainly four forms, namely Service agreement (SA), Non-criminal affidavit (NCA), Medical certificate and Background check form (BGC). They will be provided in the documents namely Annxure and Service Agreement that you will be able to download after receiving your joining date.

Service agreement is of six pages, the first page of which you have to type and print on a Rs. 100 stamp paper and the rest you can print on A4 size plain paper. The last page of SA is Surity verification form, you have to get it filled and signed by your Surity and attested by any competent authority (read the Service Agreement Guidelines for further instruction)

NCA is of two pages, the first page you will have to print on a Rs. 100 stamp paper and you have to get the NCA notarized from the court. You will also needs the signature of two witnesses. It wouldn’t matter if you get it printed on three papers including the stamp paper instead of two, just do it correctly and it’s very important, don’t miss or ignore anything, type and print ditto everything that’s written in the specimen both for the SA and NCA.

Medical Certificate is of two pages, you need to paste a passport photograph of yours on the first page and get it attested by any MBBS doctor.

BGC is mandatory for people who has been recruited offcampus but as per the new rule, for the Campus recruits, BGC is not necessary anymore. But a form has been provided with the Annexure and I am going to take it at the time of joining filled and with all the documents, just for safeguard.

So that was all about the paperwork. A mail from the HR of the respective branch where you’re going to join will arrive a few days prior to your joining, double checking you on the document list and other formalities. And those of you who haven’t got training at your base location will be provided with your accommodation details. Here is a list of all documents you will need to carry with yourself at the time of joining.

  1. Service Agreement – filled as discussed above
  2. Surity Verification form/Surity’s Passport copy (attested by Gazetted officer)
  3. Surity’s PAN card (attested by Gazetted officer)
  4. Surity’s proof of income: photocopy of latest IT returns/Saral/Form 2D/Form 16/Form 12B – attested by Gazetted officer (for alternative options including FD, check your Annexure and Service Agreemnt Guidelines)
  5. Completed Medical Fitness certificate – duly filled and sealed as instructed above
  6. Non Criminal Affidavit – original
  7. TCS offer letter – self attested
  8. TCS joining letter – self attested
  9. All Mark statements (mark sheets) of class 10th and 12th – original and two copies attested by Gazetted officer
  10. Mark statements for all semesters of Degree/PG – original and two copies attested by Gazetted officer
  11. Consolidated mark statement of Degree – original and two copies attested by Gazetted officer (if applicable to your university)
  12. Degree certificate/ Provisional certificate/ Course completion certificate – original and two copies attested by Gazetted officer
  13. Relieving letter (if you have previous work experience) – original and two copies attested by Gazetted officer
  14. Passport – original and two copies attested by Gazetted officer
  15. PAN card – original and two copies attested by Gazetted officer
  16. Birth certificate – original and one copy attested by Gazetted officer OR if Birth Certificate is not available or if it is in local language/Hindi, Birth Affidavit in English on a Rs. 20 stamp paper must be submitted – original

So that was the complete list of all documents. If you’re reading this article then you’re probably close to your joining date. So wish you a hassle free joining and a successful career ahead, Good luck. I will be posting about PAT test and more about the training in TCS in the upcoming articles. So stay updated, subscribe to this blog via email.

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