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Today was the day of my joining in TCS, the day me and 265 other people of my batch have been waiting for the past one year. Yes the joining has come quite late but considering the number of candidates TCS has recruited this year and the limitation of their training facility, it was sort of inevitable.

So today we were asked to report at the TCS main campus in Kolkata at around 8 am. The campus was quite big and there were three buildings, Lords, Wanderers and Eden (yes, they named the buildings after the famous cricket grounds!) and we were seated at Wanderers at the conference hall. The proceedings started at around 8:30 am.

At first each of us were given the TCS visitor’s card for the day but in a short while, Smart cards were handed out to most of us and the rest were given a temporary card and were told to receive the Smart card in a few days. Next was the document verification process, we were asked to make two sets of documents, set-1 would consist the service agreement, surety verification form/surety’s passport photocopy, surety’s IT return, PAN card photocopy of surety, Medical certificate and the non-criminal affidavit, all in the said order.

Now, one thing is very important. Your surety’s signature on the documents and the signature on surety’s PAN card should match otherwise you may face problems during the document check as they would carefully match the signatures. Other than that, there were no issues mostly.

Mr. Ramanjit Goswami was assigned to our ILP coordinator. He is a very cool guy as he appeared today, so no need to get all tensed about your joining. The people who had minor faults in their documents (only three or four among us) were asked to bring the corrected documents the next day which is tomorrow.

The second set of documents would consist the original copies of your 10th, 12th and all your degree mark sheets and course completion certificate along with PAN card, passports and NSR e card print outs. If you haven’t completed the NSR process by the time of your joining, you would be asked to complete at least the first phase in three or four days. They would just check the originals and update in their database after which your original documents will be returned to you.

Oh and you will be given a a joining kits and a file consisting of more forms you will have to fill up by Wednesday which would be the day after tomorrow and submit along with the set of attested photocopies listed there.

We were also asked to open a salary bank accounts in one of the three banks SBI, Axis bank and Kotak Mahindra. The representatives from the respective banks were there, they introduced us first to what they are willing to offer and later on, they provided forms and we had to fill it up there and submit it with the required documents.

The first two days that is today and tomorrow we will be required to report at the Wanderers building and after that our training would be shifted to the Vishnu towers which is within one kilometer from the campus. We had two tea breaks each of 10 minutes and one lunch break of 45 minutes. The canteen was just below our floor and both the quality and the price of the food was reasonable. Once the smart cards or temporary cards were provided, we were allowed to visit the outside of the premises. The day ended at 7:05 pm after Ramanjit asked us to be present at the same place by 8:50 sharp tomorrow and that we would have plenty of sessions on different subjects tomorrow.

So that was my first 11 hours and 5 minutes spent at TCS. It was a little boring at some point of time as we had to sit idle at most of the times but we met plenty of new people and also friends from our respective colleges, so it was a good first day. I will be posting more on my ILP as I manage times in between the busy ILP schedules. So stay tuned to this blog, subscribe to emails to get updates of my post to your inbox.

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