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So one week has passed since my joining, and the training has already taken off, feeling the heat already! On the first two days we had sessions in TCS main campus. On the second day, we had different sessions on iSecurity ie information security, TCS Corporate Functions, Environment and Health consciousness, Attire guidelines. There were some important sessions on Salary and Tax related things and how can we save more taxes etc. Also our batch number and streams were distributed. All candidates were distributed among four streams namely Java, MS .net, BI and Unix/Cpp (there are only four streams available in Kolkata TCS) and the selection process was random. There were one batch of Unix/Cpp, MS .net and BI each and three or more batches of Java.

From the third day onwards we were to report at our respective training centers. Only Unix/Cpp people were sent to Amrit towers and rest were sent to Vishnu towers. The sessions would start at 9’o clock sharp in the morning and would last till 6:30 in the evening on a normal day. You are allowed to have two tea breaks each of twenty minutes duration and one lunch break for forty minutes at 1:30 or so. There will be total four sessions in a day.

There are three types of sessions. Technical sessions and Bizs (Business skill) sessions you would have on everyday and sometimes you would also have KYT (Know your TCS) sessions. Bizs sessions are fun actually and very interactive, something you would enjoy.

On the third day first sessions, we had our PAT test which is Pre Assessment Test. It was an online test and the papers were set in Trivandrum. The questions were easy but nobody had a preparation. Anyway there is nothing to worry about PAT test as it’s just a formality.

The technical sessions started on the fourth day and on the same day, we were given our first care study. Also we had to give the first presentation of our corporate life on the next day which was on today! Also our Ultimatix user id and Password were given to us on today. We had a session for that in the morning.

The faculties there were very helpful and they would guide you on almost everything. They are a friendly bunch of people. There will be pressure on you but if you can manage it then you should be doing okay. They would always tell that one thing you need to do is to study and the rest will be taken care of. Well that’s one thing we really can do I guess. After all who would give you 18k a month just to do what you should have done properly way before your ILP started! Anyway more of these updates will keep coming as I take out times from my ILP schedule. Meanwhile Happy New Year to all of you. Have fun!

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