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Recently I bought a Nokia C2-03 phone with S40 operating system which is Java based. The first thought that came to my mind was that what video format was supported in the device and how to convert videos to play in the device. So after a little research on the official Nokia website, here is what I found out.

The supported video formats are:

  1. H.264/AVC
  2. MPEG-4
  3. WMV
  4. 3GPP

Next thing I tried was how to convert the videos on Ubuntu to the supported formats to play on the device. I quickly surfed through the Ubuntu Software Center and downloaded Arista Transcoder as I had heard it was a very good video converter and there were many presets for different devices were available. But as I searched, there were no presets available for this format (or possibly I had overlooked, either way I couldn’t find one).

So here is what I did next. I turned to the most basic yet the most powerful open-source utility available on Linux to convert videos. Ffmpeg. It is a Command Line Program but as I always find them more suitable to my needs I went ahead and experimented with some different configurations to find out what was the best one to suit my need. Here is the basic command with a working configuration that should do the trick. Open your Terminal (Dash > Accessories > Terminal or just search for Terminal)

ffmpeg -i input_file_name -acodec libvo_aacenc -ab 96k -b 96k -s 240×160 output_file.mp4

-acodec = the audio codec name (libvo_aacenc)

-ab = audio bit rate (96k)

-b = video bit rate(96k)

-s = video frame size(240×160)

You can play with the presets to find out what plays on your device best. If you are not much comfortable with the Command Line Interface, you can try the graphical interface too. Just search for WinFF in the Ubuntu Software Center and install.

Useful tips: To install Ffmpeg, search for ffmpeg in the Ubuntu Software Center or open Terminal and type

sudo apt-get install ffmpeg

and hit enter.

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